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History starts with the woman desire to adorn her self with all kinds of ornaments and pearls being one of the nature’s best bounties to the humankind. Pearl has always been the most sought after gems because of its natural beauty and brilliant lustrous appeal. Unlike other most gems or diamonds which are mined, cut and shined the pearls are natural grown in oysters in lake or sea waters.

Ancient history tells us that Egyptian used to bury pearls alongside the dead bodies. Famous Cleopatra queen, that she could consume the wealth of her entire nation in just one meal, reportedly had dissolved a single pearl in a glass of wine and drank it, simply to win a wager with Marc Anthony.


In Roman Empire pearls were considered ultimate symbol of wealth and prosperity. Pearls were also treasured as a unique symbol of showing great opulence. British Royalties had exquisite amount of collections of rare beautiful pearls all the time. Pearls were limited to be worn by worriers and rulers. Many European countries passed laws forbidding the wearing of pearls by others outside of the nobility.

Because of its unrivaled beauty it was customary among ancient Greeks to offer pearls as wedding gift and its possession considered a sign of happy marriage and sacred love.   

During the European expansion into the New World, the discovery of pearls in Central American waters added to the wealth of Europe.


In 1916, famed French jeweler Jacques Cartier had bought his landmark store on Fifth Avenue in New York by trading just two pearl necklaces.  

Indian Maharajas and Queens had always adorned themselves with the precious pearls jewelry and Hindus and Chinese, during ancient times, always considered the pearls as a sign of love, health and prosperity. Many believed that it’s a tear from the Heaven or Goddess that nurtures in oyster’s womb.

Before 20th Century, for thousands of years, the divers used to go into sea floor or riverbed to extract pearls from opening the oysters but that was dangerous and risky. Because of unpredictable nature of oyster growth the pearls found were varying in quality and rare too. Today, very few divers do such pearl hunting. It is the Japanese Kokichi Mikimoto who perfected and patented his bead nucleating process in early 20th Century that revolutionized the entire pearl cultivation. Now millions of these cultured pearls are produced in Japan, China, Australia and other Far Eastern Asian regions of the world. You will find pearl farming in Central America seawaters as well as in Mississippi River area.                                                                

It was only the wealthy people who enjoyed the privilege of possessing and wearing the precious pearls jewelry but now with the new improved technique of pearl cultivation it has become affordable by all.  


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