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    • Pearl Jewelry Set


      Pearl necklace, pearl earrings and pearl bracelet. Pearl jewelry set can be either of pearl necklace and pearl earrings or a set of three items (pearl necklace-pearl earrings and pearl bracelet). A pearl necklace is a splendid accessory worn around the neck and matching pearl earrings enhances the beauty. Some may prefer to add pearl bracelet to make a complete pearl jewelry set depending upon one’s taste and style. Pearl necklaces come in different lengths from 13” to 36” and above. The most popular is princess length, which is about 16-18” and goes with most of the casual and evening or wedding attires. Of all the jewelry pieces, pearl necklace makes the greatest impact to one’s look. It gives flair, color and elegance to whatever dress one is wearing. Combined with matching pearl earrings or pearl bracelets compliments the entire outfit.

      About 40-50 pearl beads are strung together to make a perfect pearl necklace. A string of lustrous pearls can spell magic - one that will wrap you in its spell. It is always recommended to buy complete pearl jewelry set to avoid size and color mismatching. Whatever your taste or budget, there is sure to find eye-catching or subtle pearl jewelry set that will thrill you. You can find both heirloom quality pearl jewelry sets and fashion pearl jewelry. Pearl Jewelry set is made from cultured pearls of various colors - white, pink, cream, golden, gray, silver, black and peacock. Each pearl has a main body color and an overtone. Women choose pearls that complement their skin tone. Pearl jewelry set designed with akoya pearls tend to be white or with subtle rose undertones. Pearl jewelry set is also an ideal gift for the loved ones.

      Pearl Bridal jewelry


      Every girl wants to marry a prince charming and wedding day is the perfect day for any bride for the dream to come true. The thrill and joy of getting married starts the moment she wears the engagement ring and the count down begins.

      Not only she wants to look beautiful and awesome but wants to cherish the wedding day memories to last for lifetime. Selecting a perfect gown and to choose the perfect bridal jewelry complimenting the attire is what every bride is looking for. Equally important is finding gifts for bridesmaids, as they always hold hands and give emotional support to the bride. And the gifts you decide for your bridesmaids will be cherished forever as it symbolizes honor and yours token of appreciation.

      Wedding pearls for the Wedding bells. For unique and special piece of bridal jewelry, pearl jewelry has always been the preferred choice for many brides and her bridesmaids because of its lustrous appeal, fashion and affordability. Pearls are very luminous and attractive and go very well with all kind of bridal dresses and gowns. From low to medium or high budget, pearl jewelry has become affordable now. Brides have many color choices – from traditional and classic white color pearl necklace and pearl earrings to multi-colors pearls. Bridal jewelry - Pearl jewelry comes in various cultured pearls types and sizes such as freshwater pearls, akoya seawater pearls and sizes 6mm-8mm. Pearl necklaces and matching pearl earrings are the ideal and perfect choices for the brides and her bridesmaids. Pearl Jewelry truly brings the real charm, grace and elegance and brides look very gorgeous wearing them. We at pearl princess offer bridal jewelry designed with the highest quality pearls at wholesale discounted prices.

      Akoya Pearls


      Akoya pearls - Our fast selling item this season. Well, akoya name itself means saltwater in Japanese language and for decades pearl industry has been extensively selling these most lustrous pearls to the consumers and even now it commands a very decent share when it comes selling and buying pearl jewelry among pearl jewelers and consumers. Akoya pearls are the classic cultured pearls of Japan. Akoya pearls luster is intense, their nacre is thick and colors brilliant. Undoubtedly, they carry higher values than freshwater pearls.

      Although Japan is the originator of producing akoya pearls, so to say, as Kokochi Mikimoto of Japan had invented and patented the bead-nucleating technology of culturally growing these pearls in the seawaters. Akoya pearls are primarily cultivated in the sea salt waters off the coastal areas of Japan and China but in recent years China is producing in large quantity and their quality is exceeding remarkable. With new improved modern techniques of culturing pearls, it has become possible to harvest better quality akoya pearls.

      Very small mantle tissue beads are implanted inside the Pinctada fucata martensii oysters to form beautiful akoya pearls. Akoya oyster rarely produces more than two pearls whereas freshwater oysters are nucleated to produce about fifty pearls each. Akoya pearls normally take longer time to grow and the total quantity comparatively is not very large due to variable seawater climatic conditions and oysters’ mortality.

      Akoya pearls come in white and cream colors with natural overtones. Akoya Pearl Necklaces are made from akoya pearls, which are known for their brilliant luster and nearly perfect round shapes. Akoya pearls typically command high prices as compare to freshwater pearls but they are excellent choice for many women and have always been extremely popular. Akoya pearls are very alluring and make excellent luxurious gifts. Akoya pearl necklaces are designed and hand-knotted with very selective lustrous pearls. Enhance your beauty with most lustrous akoya pearl jewelry.

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