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    • Freshwater pearls


      Freshwater pearls are grown from freshwater mussels in bays, ponds, lakes and rivers. They are largely produced in China now, but some pearls come from Japan, United States and other parts of the world. In 1963, John Latendresse did the first experimental U.S. freshwater cultured pearl farming in Tennessee.

      Unlike natural pearls, freshwater pearls are culturally grown with the human help. Small irritants are placed inside the oysters and pearl formation takes place inside the oysters body over a period of time. Whereas saltwater pearl-bearing oysters are bead-nucleated in a small organ known as gonad. Saltwater pearls grow in oysters that live in the ocean, usually in protected lagoons. Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls and South Sea pearls and are the three main types of saltwater pearls. Nonetheless, they all are cultured with the human help. Natural pearls are rarity now.

      Freshwater shell and pearl mussels are from the family unionidae, from which up to 20 different species are commercially harvested every year. Interestingly, a single mussel can produce up to 40-50 pearl beads. Freshwater pearls are seldom perfectly round or even nearly round. The shape of the nucleus and its position in the mussel as well as quality of water determines the shape of the cultured pearl. Perfectly round freshwater pearls with high lustrous quality are called freshadama in pearl jewelry trade circle and normally command high prices.

      Freshwater pearls are normally white and creamish in colors but are color-enhanced to suit designer’s demands to make pearl necklaces, pearl earrings and pearl jewelry etc. according to fashion and style. Freshwater pearls are cheaper and come in unique shapes and colors and are quite popular in recent years. Although white is synonymous with pearl and is the most common color but freshwater pearls are available in many attractive colors like cream, pink, peach, lavenders and black etc. Different natural colors are normally results of various other factors such as mussel species or genetics, the water quality and the position of the pearl in the shell.

      At pearl princess, we offer wide choices: pearl necklace, pearl earring, pearl pendant or pearl jewelry set. All our pearl jewelry is designed with the best and the top quality pearls and we offer all these types of pearl jewelry at deep discounted wholesale prices.

      Pearl Jewelry Store


      PearlPrincess.com is a trusted source for selling top quality pearl jewelry online. Theirs long-term association with pearls farms in far eastern countries helps them to procure the high lustrous quality pearls at much competitive prices. Pearl princess pearl jewelry store then pass on these savings to customers. Therefore, their pearls are very much affordable. Customers have been saving as much as up to 90 % on the retail prices of typical boutique jewelers. Pearl princess pearl jewelry store offers pearl quality ‘par excellence’. Pearl jewelry store specializes in world famous Japanese akoya pearls, freshwater pearls and Tahitian pearls. Pearl jewelry store buyer’s guide helps customers to make right decision in choosing the finest quality pearl jewelry.

      At pearlprincess.com At pearlprincess.com you will find amazing colors and excellent quality pearls in various types of pearl jewelry such as pearl necklaces, pearl earrings and pearl pendants. If you are buying jewelry for yourself or are looking for a nice gift for your loved ones, pearlprincess.com is the perfect pearl jewelry store to shop. Pearl Jewelry store provides 90 days return policy with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. They have many happy repeat customers. Buy in confidence, show your style and wear like a princess.

      Pearl Jewelry


      Not only are women passionate about wearing pearl jewelry, but also the quality of pearls a woman wears defines her persona and her desire to look beautiful and elegant. Pearl Jewelry has always fascinated women all over the world. Love for pearl jewelry and its beauty dazzled many known celebrities, such as Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Princess Diana. Queens and princesses have adorned themselves with all kinds of pearl necklaces, pearl earrings and other pearl jewelry. Hollywood stars, career women and all women in fact look very attractive wearing pearl jewelry. Pearls, pearl necklaces - pearl jewelry are always alluring and dazzling because of their natural and lustrous appeal. Pearl Jewelry is one of the most romantic jewelry gifts.

      Pearls are not only symbol of purity virtue and modesty but are real organic gems on this earth. Cultured pearls are more than just jewels. If diamonds are forever, pearls are timeless fashion statement. Pearl Jewelry is always in fashion and always in style. Designers make pearl jewelry with all types and quality of pearls such as freshwater pearls, akoya pearls, Tahitian and south seawater pearls. Each type of pearls come from different type of oysters family and quality, size and shape determines the price. Value of any pearl jewelry is evaluated by the quality, size, shape and type of pearls.

      With the new improved modern techniques, the pearl farming has come a long way. China is the major supplier for freshwater pearls and akoya pearls. Japan and other far eastern countries also produce these pearls. Tahitian pearls come from French Polynesian islands and south seawater pearls are grown in Australia and some in Indonesia.

      Pearl necklace is always traditional and classic but pearls also come in variety of colors and overtones. Black Tahitian and golden south pearls are unique and command very high prices in comparison to other cultured pearls. Akoya and freshwater pearl jewelry is equally lustrous and appealing. Since quality is superb and prices are very affordable, majority of the pearl jewelry sold in the market belong to this later category. Pearls are gorgeous and enhance beauty and grace and are must for any wardrobe. It is very important to take special care of pearl jewelry so that pearls always stay lustrous, bright and beautiful.

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